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about: Matthew J. Peters

A husband, brother, son, IT developer / analyst, goldendoodle owner, guitar player, singer, lawn-care novice...This is my humble home on the internet.
There isn't a whole lot going on here, but at one point I had a custom message board and photo gallery for the family reunion website. I had plans to rewrite both applications, but work got in the way ;-).

In the meantime, I've starting writing a small perl based cgi framework that will include the following applications :

myApps::Cal -- Calendar
myApps::DB -- Fast DBI Wrapper
myApps::Forum -- Forum
myApps::Blog -- Blog
myApps::Mail -- Mail
myApps::Engine -- Engine (mod_perl/fcgi)

My goal is to make it small enough, easy enough and flexible enough so that it won't get in the way of developing!!! (I know, there's WebGUI, Jifty and Catalyst for that, but what if you aren't the sys admin or can't get them to load such applications???) Either way, I think it will be a challenging project and worth the experience even if it never reaches production worthiness.

I enjoy working on large database projects and normalizing and optimizng tables in MySQL and Postgres SQL.
I also enjoy anything technical / electrical and have, since buying our house, found home improvement projects more and more interesting.

Have you met Norm ??
Look for more content to filter into the website soon!

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