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Happy New Year!

I’ve challenged myself to really make an effort and contribute more to my blog. I’ve set a goal to write 2-3 entries a month (this one won’t count)…

Some technical area’s I’ll be touching on will include :

– Webservers (nginx and apache)
– RESTful web services and best practices
– Perl (Moose, Mouse, Moo + OOP,MVC, refactoring, FAT Models)
– Javascript (JQuery, Sencha Ext Js + Touch)
– Databases (Postgres,MSSQL,Oracle,MySQL)
– Project Management
– IT Management

I’m also considering coming up with a Open Source project, hosting it on git-hub and creating several entries about the entire life-cycle of the project.

Have a great 2012 and thanks for visiting!

Silver bells, are you listening?

Christmas time is quickly drawing near. One of my favorite parts of the holiday season is seeing family and friends. Sometimes our family and friends live too far way to visit, but I love seeing their Christmas cards. But I don’t know what is better – photo cards or the personal letter.

Shutterfly offers the perfect way to do both. We should know because we did it this last year and everyone we talked to loved our cards. It isn’t hard to know why when you check out their amazing collection. I mean you can’t go wrong.

Not into sending Christmas cards? Or are you waiting to get the perfect photo on Christmas? How about a card to ring in the new year?

Add some fun extras like a return address label or a photo gift and you will be the hit of the holiday season.

But wait that’s not it, Shutterfly has an awesome selection of photo gifts. My favorite? The photo book. Make a book to say thanks to your parents, grandparents, boss, daycare, BFF. Who can resist these amazing gifts. I know I have about 20 of them at my house and love looking through all of them.

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

Hello, it’s the computer nerd’s wife and while this post won’t contain binary code, it does contain super html links, some amazing digital photo work, and freebies for other nerd blogies. Right, blogies is a real technology term???

The holidays are right around the corner and what a perfect time to celebrate family, reminisce about the past, and look forward to a bright 2011. I know 2011 can’t be much better than celebrating 42 day (101010) this year but we do have 11111 to look forward to! And why not celebrate by sending amazing photo cards to all your friends and family.

Shutterfly introduced amazing new holiday cards this year and I know I can’t wait to place my order for me, Mr. Computer nerd, and baby nerd. These cards add to their already amazing collection of photobooks, gifts, desk calendars, and even mouse pads!! But let’s just stick to the cards for now because I am easily distracted by pretty things. Choose your own card/invitation their Cards & Stationery page.

I know I have already logged several hours on the interwebs picking my faves and if you want to save yourself time stick to these winners!

Christmas Letter – what better way then to send a card with 1,150 words. This card lets you send a little message as well as including a photo (which we all know is worth 1000 words)!
Or, how about this one a la David Letterman with a Top Ten Countdown!
Or finally be like us and write your own message is this super cute folded card!
Because I am a picture junkie, I know Shutterfly prints with amazing quality and ships in a timely manner. I just can’t wait until my cards arrive!

So hurry up and order! Are you a blogger or blogie? Well then score some free loot!

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